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Dear Loves,

Thank you for your interest in Lou Florez Consultations, and for the continued faith and trust you have in me. As your personal spiritual consultant I take pride in offering insightful, and compassionate advice; as well as, spiritual tools and remediations which can help to catalyze and manifest your biggest life!

I am currently available for spiritual readings,and spell casting consultations Monday through Friday 11 am – 5 pm. Please look below, and find the option that best suits your needs.

XoXo, Your Helper in the Work

Lou Florez


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Spiritual Readings via Phone or Skype 

Spiritual Readings offer insights, advice, and spiritual remedies for all conditions of your life. Using a wide range of divination methods such as Tarot, Mediumship, and Dillogun we will investigate the energies surrounding your situation, and how to be best position yourself to manifest your biggest life!



Spell Casting Consultations via Phone or Skype

Spell Casting Consultations are available for those interested in furthering their knowledge of magic and ritual. This is your time to ask all the questions that you have regarding ritual techniques, methodologies, and how to further develop your spiritual practice. Learn tried and true recipes, as well as, how to develop your own style and brand of conjure that works for you. (I will share my knowledge and experience, and teach you basic, intermediate, and advance conjure spells, rituals, and tricks.)

60 Minute Spell Casting Consultation: $100

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30 Minute Spell Casting Consultation: $45

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