Past Workshops & Events

Past Workshops & Events

Working With Santisima Muerte 

63157_133090600180511_254731220_nLOU FLOREZ will be teaching us the Mexican American traditions of his family in working with the dead, with ancestors, and with Santisima Muerte — Most Holy Death. Lou is known for his fabulous altar installations and will be creating a grand Santa Muerte Altar on our site. The altar will remain in place all weekend, and all attendees are invited to place their prayers upon it. On Sunday morning, Lou’s workshop participants will be instructed in the traditional veneration of Santa Muerte and each participant will prepare his or her own prepared and loaded sugar skull candle. ALL MATERIALS SUPPLIED.

TAKE HOME: An instructional flyer and your own fully dressed, loaded and prepared Mexican-style sugar skull dedicated to La Santisima Muerte.

Location: Hoodoo & Rootwork Training Workshops and Open House Party, Missionary Independent Church

Date: Sunday, May 6, 2012, 10

COST: $25.00

The Practice of Hoodoo: Rootwork, Conjure, and Engaging the Spirits


Class Description: In the South, there is a rich spiritual history of honoring those who have passed. Our ancestors, both of blood and of lineage, are seen as a collective force that can uplift, nourish, and accelerate our lives towards manifesting the destiny that we want to create.  Join Lou Florez for an interactive webinar in which we will learn to create, construct, and consecrate your own ancestral shelf, table, or shrine.  This class will also serve to pass on specific methods for working your space for cleansing, protection and attraction.

Date: Monday, October 29,

Time: 6-7 p.m. pacific standard time

Cost: $20 a class

The Practice of Hoodoo and Conjure:Formulary Development & Divining for Prescriptive Rites


Hoodoo in Practice: Formulary Development & Divining for Prescriptive Rites

One of the most essential practices in the Hoodoo Tradition is the art of divining prescriptive rites, remedies, and remediations for yourself and your community. The first half of the webinar will explore different approaches to formulation in your spiritual workings; as well as give an introduction to working with plant spirit medicine, to engaging the living, seasonal, apothecary. In the second portion of the class we will use the tarot to unpack the process of divining prescriptions and utilize a sample reading  given in the class, in order to demonstrate the principles we have learned about. You will receive a two page handout detailing the ideas and concepts covered in class; as well as a seasonal bath working to re-orient the self and to add a little glam to the Autumn season!

 Date: Monday, November 26, 2012

Time: 6 p.m.-8 p.m. Pacific Standard Time

Location: Any digital device capable of web browsing

Cost:  $20

Supplies: Rock Salt, Kosher Salt, Epson Salts, Olive Oil, Lime, Hyssop, Rose Hips, Yarrow, Honey, Yellow Figural Candle, frankincense resin, copal resin, gum mastic resin, snake shed, Sampson Snake Root, Orange Peel, Ginger, and Road Opening Oil

The Practice of Hoodoo and Conjure: Cleansing, Uncrossing, Jinx Killing, & Road Opening


Join us for a 90 minute interactive webinar where Lou Florez will teach Hoodoo rituals developed for the purpose of uncrossing, to cleanse, to kill jinxes, and to open the roads. Stop negative workings in their tracks! Open the roads to success, love, and finacial gain! Learn a five minute Evil Eye jinx-killing ritual used to immediately break envy, jealousy, and Mal de Ojo; in addition you will be given instruction on how to make a Midnight Crossroads Bath, and learn the traditional Hoodoo way of bath rituals. Lou will also demonstrate how to make, consecrate, and enact a Cast-Off Evil, Road Opening Moving Candle Spell!

 Date: Monday, January 28

Time: 6 pm pst


Location: Available on any digital device

The Practice of Hoodoo and Conjure: Queering Conjure, Love Workings on the Margins

Honey Jars

Are you looking for love work that reflects your wants and desires? Are you tired of having to modify attraction rituals to suite your needs? Join Lou Florez for 90 minute Sex Positive, Body Positive, Love Positive investigation of both traditional and current Hoodoo ritual workings designed especially for you! This webinar addresses workings used for drawing LGBTQI relationships, multiple partnerships, and BDSM lifestyles.

Date: Monday, February 25, 2013

Time: 6 pm, Pacific Standard Time

Price: $20

Location: Available on any digital device


 The Practice of Hoodoo & Conjure: Gambling & Luck, Or… Fortune Favors the Brave!

7 Way Lucky Gambler”s Hand

Tired of having Fortune turn a blind eye to your petitions?

Join us for a 90 minute interactive webinar where Lou will teach Hoodoo rituals developed for the purpose of bring Lady Luck to your side!   Learn to make a 7 Way, Lucky Gambler’s Hand used to gain mastery, and success in Games of Chance; in addition, you will be given instruction on how to make a Black Cat Fortune Bottle, and learn how to divine for lucky numbers!

Date: Monday, March 25

Time: 6 pm pst


Location: Available on any digital device

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