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LOU FLOREZ will be teaching us the Mexican American traditions of his family in working with the dead, with ancestors, and with Santisima Muerte — Most Holy Death. Lou is known for his fabulous altar installations and will be creating a grand Santa Muerte Altar on our site. The altar will remain in place all weekend, and all attendees are invited to place their prayers upon it. On Sunday morning, Lou’s workshop participants will be instructed in the traditional veneration of Santa Muerte and each participant will prepare his or her own prepared and loaded sugar skull candle.

LOU FLOREZ will be teaching a workshop on the use and construction of packets dedicated to the Catholic saints. These packets, traditionally used in Mexican Folk Magic, are a powerful way to call upon the Catholic Saints for their blessings and assistance for many purposes including love, money and blessings. LOU will present the history and significance of these special CATHOLIC SAINT PACKETS, and teach you how to construct a Catholic Saint Packet of your own to take home.

Lou Florez and Phoenix LeFae talk about animal curios, animal allies, and how to connect to your inner beast! They are fun, zany, and real.

Published on Nov 2, 2014
All Elements of Halloween on TRUTH BE TOLD joined by Laurie LoveKraft, Lou Florez, Benjamin Scuglia and Billy Spanier.