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The Practice of Hoodoo & Conjure 2013 & 2014 Webinars


Animal Workings; from Allies to Curios, a Magical Engagement of the Animal World
There is a magical connection between humans and animals. We depend on them to feed us, to be our companions, and have their own language of symbols which can be divined, and employed for the upliftment of all. Through the use of these animal relationships we can learn new ways of developing our magical skills. Animals can serve as our spiriutal guides and allies in our daily lives and show us our to shape shift, delving into energies that are beyond our human form.

Join Phoenix LeFae and Lou Florez for a 60 minute interactive webinar which explores the Animal world in all its forms. Engage with them through visioning exercises and trance meditation. Learn ritual uses for a variety of curios from skins, to bones, hair, and even bezoars. By connecting to, or discovering, our own personal animal affinities, we can open up to the mystery that is the very soul of nature!

Date: Friday, October 18, 2013

Time: 6 -7:00 pm, Pacific Standard Time

Cost: Sliding Scale $30 to $60

For more information or to register email Lou at louflorez@gmail.com


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The Midas Touch: Conjure for Mastery, Knowledge, and Success

Join Lou for a 40 minute interactive webinar on Hoodoo ritual workings developed for Mastery, Knowledge, and Success. Find your crown!  Be the Master of your Universe! Enjoy demos ranging from Midas’s Touch Road Opening Honey, to King Solomon’s Wisdom Mojo, and a Master of Success Master Root Working!

Date:  Monday September 30, 2013

Time: 6-6:40 pm, Pacific Standard Time

Cost: $30

Location: Google Chat

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